Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Guest Blogger Rachel McNamara

The best advice I can give is to recommend that you make sure you understand how any particular treatment is meant to work. If a treatment doesn’t make sense, sounds like a fad diet or sounds too good to be true, ask for clarification and evidence of it's effectiveness and don’t be afraid to do some research on it yourself. Don't sign up to or pay for anything until you have looked into it further.

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Commencing Operation SuperMoon

Just a friendly reminder from your friends here at http://www.MyPuzzlingPiece.Com that this weekend we will celebrating* a “SuperMoon.” Yup. It’s baaaaaaaaack. Sure, laugh at me. Call me a lunatic (which […]

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An Analysis of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, By Guest Blogger Jenn Dirks, Author of Emelie’s Voice

There is a lot of discussion out there about ABA Therapy. I often get asked my views on it and whether or not we used it with Emelie. Both of those questions lead to some complicated answers. So, I thought, I’d address it and spend more time on it.

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From One Parent to Another —

Originally posted on Emelie's Voice:
Parenting is exhausting. No one ever questions that. You pour yourself into these little beings hoping and praying you are doing everything right for…

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“Inside My Body While I’m Freaking Out”: A Follow-up Article on Last Weeks Meltdown & Another Life Lesson Brought to us by the Letter “C”

“Inside my body while I’m freaking Out”: A Follow-up Article on Last Weeks Meltdown & Another Life Lesson brought to us by the Letter “C” Okay, so I was wrong: […]

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All About Stimming, written by an Autist

Originally posted on A Post-Structural Autistic:
One of the best parts of working at an Autistic-friendly organization is that I can take quick minute or two stim breaks when I…

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