About Rachel McNamara, B.Sci., M. Nutrition & Dietetics

About Rachel McNamara,

B.Sci., M. Nutrition & Dietetics

Me for blog Rachel grew up in country New South Wales, Australia. A free-range, small-town girl.

Her difficulty relating to her peers did not overwhelming shape her sense of self due to being   raised in the most loving and accepting neurotypical family one could have thought possible.

Academically successful she persevered with study because it was something she could do well, in spite of being surrounded by people and processes foreign to her. The pinnacle of her success was a Dean’s Honours Award in Science at the University of Melbourne.

Anxiety and depression shaped Rachel’s interactions with people around her as much as her social communication difficulties did, which finally led to a self-sort diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Finally, the penny dropped, and people started making sense; all people, in all their glorious diversity.

Her thirst for knowledge knew no bounds and within several years she had devoured autobiography after autobiography, journal article after journal article and blog after blog.

When she felt she had a complete picture of autism from the perspective of science, her own identity, her experiences parenting two children with autism and the experiences of others, she decided she wanted to share what she knew.

When she had finished sharing, she felt complete.

Rachel writes at www.endautismstigma.wordpress.com


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