Meltdowns and Heartache

So good to know I am not alone <3.

Emelie's Voice

Today, I was chatting with another mom. She was struggling and having a tough time. Her child was in full on exhaustive can’t go on meltdown mode. She was struggling because she didn’t know how to help him or make it better. She wanted to comfort him but knew he needed to work through stuff first. All the conversations today with her made me remember some of our incidents and meltdowns with Emelie.

This “calm” we have now wasn’t always here. Meltdowns were a daily occurrence and my heart broke every time I couldn’t figure out how to help her. The times I had to restrain her for her safety and wanted to just cry knowing I couldn’t show her my pain. I still can vividly remember the pain in watching her meltdown to the point that she fell asleep where she was even if it were the most uncomfortable…

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