Puzzled Soul

Puzzled Soul

by Kevin Legge


Try to hide from the World,
But the Darkness will not cover.
Hands flapping,
A semaphore of my Anguish.
Why can’t I Belong?
Why do they Judge?
I am only Me –
The only Me that I know,
A Puzzle to myself.
I jump at the slightest Sound,
Secure in my Fear.
The crystal edge of my Terror
Shaping my very Life,
Making me fear for my Sanity.
They Stigmatize me for my Differences.
Who are they to Judge me?
We are all Human,
Common race of Individuals.
Struggling to Conform,
We lose the bright and shining
Moments of Life.
I no longer know who you are,
But I know myself.
I am Me.


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