Commencing Operation SuperMoon


Just a friendly reminder from your friends here at http://www.MyPuzzlingPiece.Com that this weekend we will celebrating* a “SuperMoon.”

Yup. It’s baaaaaaaaack.

Sure, laugh at me. Call me a lunatic (which comes from the Latin lunaticus, meaning “of the moon, or moonstruck”). If you asked me 13 years ago if the moon impacted human behavior, I would have probably laughed, too.

There is a reason that, historically, vampires and werewolves are associated with “Big Moon” schedules. We do know that the cycles of the moon do alter the tide. Being that we are all largely made of water, I wonder if the same pull that the oceans experience, we also may experience as well, but on a much smaller scale? And if our autistic children can hear things like the hum of a fluorescent light, or the neighbors’ refrigerator cycling, isn’t it possible that they might feel the pull of the moon, as does the tide?

It’s well documented that the moon cycles deeply impact mental health patients, and certain moon cycles seem to worsen depression, mania, and psychosis. Police departments are busier as crime rates soar during these times, and the statistics for domestic violence, suicides, and homicides also increase. So what’s the deal?

This weekend, people [and NT parents] will set their alarm clocks for ‘zero-it’s-too-freaking-early-to-be-awake——and-since-I-don’t-have-an-autistic-child-that-watches-Thomas-the-Train-until-5:00-am——I-will-wake-up-and-go-stare-at-the-SuperMoon-cuz-I’m-smart-and-cultured-like-that’* (Yup, that’s a time. Don’t judge me.), Let’s make a project, a goal amongst ourselves.. Let’s really focus on our kids this weekend. Just watch and observe: do you think your child is impacted by the SuperMoon? (At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, right?)

As we go about our weekend, let’s try to be extra mindful this weekend. We will call it Operation SuperMoon. Our goal is to be mindful of our children (are they getting overstimulated?), as well as being mindful of ourselves (am I less patient than usual? Am I growing excessive amounts of hair and growling like a werewolf*?, etc., etc.)

If by Monday, we’ve made it through the weekend without joining Team Jacob,* I think we should count that as a successful weekend. At that point I would like to touch base and see how everyone’s weekend went. Do you think YOUR child is impacted by moon cycles? Let us know!!!

BONUS POINTS for any family that manages to go completely meltdown free FOR all of Saturday and Sunday. Basically, any family that accomplishes this, is TOTALLY the victor here. To the victor belong the spoils!

We’ll be genuinely happy for ya, but, we’ll be good and jealous too.* So, double win! You’ll even get to gloat, because you will deserve it.

Have a safe and fun SuperMoon Weekend!!!! Looking forward to some post SuperMoon gloating success stories!


May the Force be with you.

Sidenote: For your clarity, “*” denotes the use of sarcasm everywhere in this blog.


16 responses to “Commencing Operation SuperMoon

  1. I have to tell you . . . My oldest is out of state visiting my mom, she called yesterday to tell me he seemed a bit out of sorts, we wracked our brains trying to figure out what could be bothering him. I hadn’t even thought of the moon until I read your posting, I called her shortly after to relay the insidious plot of the super moon :o)



      I’m blaming the moon all day. It might be that we just need to plan to spend SuperMoon in bed!!!

      **heads back to bed** LOL.


      • I wish! I had to talk my son through a heartbreaking anxiety attack over the phone this afternoon, thousands of miles away, it was all I could do not to cry. At almost 25 he still sounds like my little baby boy when he is upset like that. Thankfully he is better now. Damn moon!


      • **heart breaks**

        that is truly horrible!!! You must’ve felt so helpless! I got teary eyed reading this. I wish I could bring you bottle of wine.

        Or maybe just a box.

        Poor, poor baby!!!


      • Box, bottle . . . Either or both sound good ;o) It sucked. I spoke to him a few minutes ago though and his voice was no longer shaky, I heard my happy boy so my heart feels a bit lighter. It’s hard not to be there, but we have to go through these things.

        Your comment has lifted my spirits, it’s hard to explain, but sometimes just having someone acknowledge your own feelings and offering a kind word changes everything. Thank you for giving me that gift :o)


      • I totally get it. I freak out and panic if C has a panic attack at school and I’m 10 MINUTES away. It feels like forever until I can help him! Bless your heart. Your such a great Mom. If in 13 years, if Cassius is doing as well as your kiddo is, I will consider myself a successful Mom. **fingers crossed**


      • Thank you, so, so much :o) I was blessed with some amazing kids. I think you’ve already got this, from what I’ve read, your Cassius has a wonderful future.


      • I can not wait to see what his future holds. For both our boys! They are so inspiring!’


  2. Reblogged this on Think the Infinite and commented:
    Fascinating! And I can tell you now that we don’t qualify for the “meltdown-free weekend” award. We just got through one. Thank you to mypuzzlingpiece!


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