Emotional Stimming Hangovers

I love the term “Emotional Stimming Hangovers.”

Today Cassius is definitely experiencing one of *these*. Hard. Core. It’s as though his nervous system is so overloaded, and he is working so hard not to meltdown, that it literally has made him physically sick! He won’t eat, he’s lethargic, weak and exhausted. He can hardly walk. My poor, poor baby. Last night we were so concerned we almost brought him to the emergency room.

As a “NT” parent, I will never really KNOW what it feels like to be an autistic child. On one hand, I can see that he wants to have friends and be funny and silly and playful. He wants to do the things that every other kid his age is doing. On the other hand, it requires an incredible amount of concentration and focus in order for him to be able to do these things. It’s almost as though the cost — emotionally, physically, and psychologically is far greater than one would expect from a neurotypical child.

Watching him fall down, pick himself back up, and jump back into the game over and over again simultaneously inspires and shames me.

There is so many more things we can learn from our autistic children than we will ever teach them. We just need to know what to watch for.

Emelie's Voice

Oh goodness. I feel today got off on the wrong foot with Miss Em. So I wanted to talk about the emotional and stimming “hangover” that happens after and emotionally and stim crazy day. We finished a book. It’s “Where the Red Fern Grows”. The death of the 2 dogs and burial of Old Dan and Little Ann got to Em just like most people who read this book. It’s just an emotionally draining book to begin with. She could relate to Billy and the dogs. And the loss of the dogs is exactly how she’d have reacted and wanting to do it herself just like he did.

It was a required book for reading. I knew how it was going to play out for her but she is determined to do what her peers do academically this year. She is pushing herself hard and advocating so I watch her…

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