Badly Behaved Children and Poor Parenting| Reblog

Dr. Susannah’s thoughts on “How I know that Sensory Processing Disorder is real — by Stephanie Griese.
I can so deeply identify with both of these blogs. Really worth reading!

William & Associates

How I Know That Sensory Processing Disorder Is Real | Stephanie Giese. Please – take the time to read Stephanie’s post.

For all the well meaning (and not-so-well-meaning and the downright critical and malicious) peeps out there; just because a child’s behaviour looks like your Internet idea of autism doesn’t mean s/he actually falls on the autism spectrum.

The observable behaviours which lead to a diagnosis of any type of childhood disorder often overlap tremendously, which is the reason why experts do the diagnosing. Sometimes, the diagnosis needs to be deferred because the child in question has been so abused through neglect and/or violence that these issues have to be addressed first because doing anything else would be grossly unfair to an already disadvantaged little person.

In the interests of full disclosure, before I was a psychologist, I, along with my husband, was a foster parent. Additionally, we’ve raised three girls to adulthood, including…

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