New Autism Speaks Masterpost (Updated 6/20/14)

I’ve been receiving quite a bit of people who have noticed, and are confused by, my very obvious disdain for the organization Autism Speaks.

I highly recommend to everyone (to always!) research any organization you affiliate yourself with. Autism Speaks has a bad track record with the autistic community, and this continues. Some argue that “Autism Speaks” is raising awareness, and that is true; but what kind of awareness do we want to raise? Do we want people to be aware that autism works faster, and is worse than “pediatric cancer, AIDS, and diabetes combined,” (an actual Autism Speaks claim), and that having an autistic child with destroy your marriage and inevitably bankrupt you? Do we want to raise negative awareness, or do we want to raise acceptance of neurodiversity?

I’ll take the later. If you haven’t read this, you really should. It is a great outline of why Autism Speaks does not speak for my son.

Thank you.

New Autism Speaks Masterpost (Updated 6/20/14).

via New Autism Speaks Masterpost (Updated 6/20/14).


2 responses to “New Autism Speaks Masterpost (Updated 6/20/14)

  1. viewing autism this way, worse than cancer, making it sound like a disease, is not the kind of awareness that is needed, and is not the way an autistic person should be taught to view himself.

    autism is a different way of thinking and living. it causes problems, but then we all have problems in our lives. it also presents its gifts, which obviously autism speaks neglects to acknowledge.

    any autistic child who’s taught to view himself this way, a burden, destroying marriages, worse than cancer, will never get far in life. an autistic kid will go as far as the faith put in him.


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