The Squeaky Wheel (advocating for your child pt. 1) The school side

There are two types of Autism Parents: those that have already experienced the “IEP fight,” and those that haven’t — yet. No matter which category you fall into, this is very valuable information across the board. Thank you, Ninhydren!

Ninhydren's thoughts

When your child, with special needs, goes to school it is hard to know what to expect, and how much support your child should get in the schools. There is a fine line between being a advocate for your child and making the school resent your attempts at helping.

First of all, I would like to say that, most, schools are, or can be, your friend. The schools often have their hands tied when it comes to providing support for children in general. when it comes to children in schools the district and government are playing math with your children. you see each child that may or may not need help gets classified by letter and then a grade inside that letter. I am basing these classes on a 2002 letter system so please excuse me if they made any minor changes. if your child does indeed have special needs…

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