Make Love, Not (Cyber) War

I’ve written a little about this topic before: the drama in the ASD parenting online community. It’s ugly at times, and it’s completely unnecessary. It’s important for large support groups to have an active and involved admin to help weed out the countless trolls. There are so, so, many of them. I don’t really understand why, but I know this is how it is.

That being said, for every one troll I’ve met, I’ve met 100 truly amazing, supporting friends. And for them, I’m eternally grateful. ❤

Emelie's Voice

I love social media. It brings the giant world just a little closer. You can end up with friends from all over the world. The support system that can develop is amazing. I have found some of the greatest advocates and cheerleaders. We reach out to each other and check on each other. If we are having a bad day or struggling we listen and virtual “hug it out”.

Yet at the same time there is an epidemic hiding within that community. They are like little parasites that thrive on drama. They take everything you say and turn it around to be negative. They make you feel like you have to be cautious about everything you say around them. They talk negatively behind your back. And sometimes they will even cause issues right in front of you.

They hide behind their keyboards. They cyber bully those that they can. Those…

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