Are Labels Really So Bad?

One of our biggest fears when we were considering getting our child evaluated for Autism was the effect of the “label.” Six months later, I feel confident that we did the absolute best thing we could have done in getting him evaluated (and now he is in therapy). For those of you out there, I can promise you, that the labels are really so bad, at all. I love this article on the subject! 🙂


labelOne of the most common concerns I hear from parents who are considering testing their child for learning differences is the fear of labeling. Will this label follow my child around for the rest of their education or even their life? Will my child be known by their label alone? Will it define who they are?

Our Society Labels Everything & Everyone

These concerns are real and should not be taken lightly, but the fact of the matter is that in our society we label everything, and that’s how we choose to collectively define and describe ideas, things, and, yes, even people. When a child is born they are labeled by their gender. When a child excels or is challenged by a task or developmental stage they are labeled by their parents as a “natural talent” or “late bloomer”. These labels follow us around forever and contribute to who we…

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