Autism and Stereotyping: Not Good

One of my favorite writers and Autism advocates speaks on stereotyping people (and children) with autism. As Temple Grandin once said, “If you’ve met one child with Autism… you’ve met one child with Autism.”

Emelie's Voice

One of the things that get under my skin, when people try to stereotype kids on the spectrum. The whole “image” in people’s mind of most kids with autism is what concerns me. Many of the people I encounter that are relying on a preconceived notion of what it’s like to have autism or be around someone like Em.

They expect something and when it’s not a certain way they are confused. It makes me feel like sometimes Em’s not “autism” enough for some as they can’t see it. They see her being social. They see her holding eye contact, or at least appear to. They see her maintaining conversations. They see her thinking outside the box and problem solving. They see her being kind. They see her being gentle. They see her showing empathy and emotions.

I’ve had people ask me if I’m SURE she’s autistic. I actually had…

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