Office of The Not Quite Mentally Ill but Not Quite Developmentally Disabled

The experiences of a New York social worker, and the frustrations social workers encounter when trying to get their client’s the help and services they need. An interesting read!

Stuck on Social Work

This post is divided into two parts. I started writing Part I last week and after this work week I added the epilogue.

Part 1

In New York State we have “The Office Of Mental Health” and “The Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.”  These state entities contract for services in the public and non-profit sector.  Depending on the severity of the diagnosis and impairment, they offer a different array of services beyond clinic level of care.

I currently have 3 youth on my caseload that need both.  Guess what….you can’t have both. This applies mainly to youth affected by autism spectrum disorders.  From the clinical case management perspective there is a lot of debate about which diagnosis is “winning out.”  This will have a bearing on what services they access especially as they approach age 16 and beyond. Both systems are saturated and have differing philosophies. I find  that it is the children and families caught in this…

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