Learning to Balance Give and Take

As a newer member of the ASD community, I cannot overemphasize the “tiredness,” I have been experiencing. At one point, I wasn’t even sure I could move. I feel like I give, and give, and give some more. I give to my child, to my husband, to my friends — I often feel like I’m on some sort of weird medieval torture device and I’m getting yanked in 27 different directions simultaneously. The problem when you are pulled in so many directions is that you are unable to give 100% to any one cause, simply because you are doing so very much. Unfortunately, neurotypical children demand 100% from their mothers, but atypical children demand 200% of your time, attention, love, and attention. A few months ago I wrote about an “Autnado,” (http://wp.me/p4x45i-7W) which is how I describe the changes in our home since the diagnosis was made official. The storm is starting to settle, but behind it leaves an exhausted mama. I love how this author describes these challenges! There is some great advice here too. I think we all have “been there” (if you haven’t, then you need to tell me what you are taking/doing/smoking/drinking because I need some!).


Some great thoughts from someone I can only describe as a “SuperMom.”

Mad Child, Angry Mama

For parents that live a life that looks a little bit like mine does, we are used to a lot of giving. Sometimes we are giving until we are either depleted, ill, or we lose our own sanity. This often leaves our children being deprived of the best possible us more than is wise or fair.

Taking has been a harder lesson for me to learn. It is difficult at times, to suck up pride, admit weakness and a need for help. It can feel embarrassing or, for me, like I don’t know how to properly be thankful enough. I don’t like burdening people and I am also secretly afraid of the rejection of asking for assistance and being denied. But I know that no one can read my mind, and if a have a need or desire, I must put it out there, or I can blame no one…

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One response to “Learning to Balance Give and Take

  1. Hi! Your introduction to this re blog was great! I relate so much. I know you’ve been checking out my blog a bit (thank you!) I look forward to reading more of yours. 🙂


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