Mothers Day in Cassius-Land

I’m glad I took this picture early in the day, because later he had a massively huge melt-down (over writing a note, nonetheless), and that, combined with a horrible recent family tragedy (I will write more about that very soon, just not quite ready to write about that, yet), overshadowed my day. I am sure that other ASD moms can identify: holidays can be tough with kiddos on the spectrum.

However, his cards always make me chuckle. They are just…so HIM.

I hate handwriting, so I typed this in cursive, Mom!

Oh My Cassius....

Oh My Cassius….

I hope that you Moms had a happy mothers’ day as well, hopefully with a minimal number of meltdowns, and hopefully a nice bubble bath!


5 responses to “Mothers Day in Cassius-Land

    • 😘 love ya, Remrov. Like I have always said, if he turns out half as well as you have, I will have done my job. Xoxo


    • Thank you!! We are trying to hold ourselves together…between the three of us hopefully we will figure it out!


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