For my “Pre-Verbal” OR verbal readers kiddos: some helpful tips your speech language pathologist will agree with!

The Aus-Sum Dad

I have been asked a few times by private message on my Facebook page The Aus-Sum Dad if I had any ideas to help autistic children develop in their speech. I see that this is a common problem, and I hope the following will help.

There are a couple things that I have had success with as far as speech development goes. The first being, practicing making noises. The problem isn’t that your child can’t make noise. With autism their fine motor skills need to develop more. This includes their tongue and lips. They are most likely having trouble moving their mouth to make the words. Make a fun game by making different sounds that he/she will need in common words. Sounds like th, ss, aa, etc. If you can get them to repeat just the sounds it will train their mouth to start making words. Muscle memory is an…

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