Lawyer: Parents Of Student Who Got Stuck In Chair Blindsided By Deal With Teacher

Autism in the news…

CBS Detroit

Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) – The parents of a Michigan elementary school student who was videotaped while stuck in a classroom chair “have no recourse” but to sue now that the school district has decided not to follow through on its plan to fire the boy’s teacher, their lawyer said Friday.

Patrick Greenfelder said his clients were blindsided at a meeting Wednesday they believed was called to discuss a hearing over Goodrich Area Schools’ effort to fire Nicole McVey.

Instead, the parents were told the Flint-area district planned to withdraw tenure charges against McVey and suspend her for a year, according to Greenfelder, who said they then were handed a letter of apology from McVey.

In it, McVey, who has not spoken publicly since she was placed on leave following the incident that took place the week before Thanksgiving, writes that she has “learned the severity” of…

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