IDEA, Special Education, & Autism

We parents have more power than we realize!

The Future Advocate

          There are many faces to Autism; one of them is Owen Suskind. For those not familiar with his story (“Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney”, New York Times March 7th, 2014), Owen was a boy who at the age of three had developed regressive autism and went from speaking full sentences to simply the word “juice”. Throughout the course of his life, Owen attended specialized schools for autism and had access to exceptional doctors. Owen went on to attended college, became the president of a club at his school, and thanks to the help of his education and doctors, he is now able to coherently communicate with his friends and family. Imagine now, that we have the same type of child, still autistic, just not in the same financial background. Would there be the same doors open to the specialists that Owen has?…

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