Autism and Middle/High-School

Many of you are aware that I am currently fighting, incredibly hard, for my middle school child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Type 1). He is tortured at school, all day every day. This school year he has regressed more than he has progressed, and every time I send him to school, I lose a piece of him. Our next IEP meeting is May 5, which is right around the corner. It’s insane that some of the accommodations that I am requesting –most of them– do not cost the school a penny, but yet they still are fighting me. They DO NOT want an IEP for him, and I need him to have one.

This is an interesting article on how the public schools could very easily accommodate the autistic children into their current programs, both meeting the children’s needs and helping them grow and develop in a safe and healthy way. Oh yeah, and it would save them money, in the long run, because parents like me end up suing the schools and making THEM pay for our child to attend a better school.

Here’s the great article: Thank you, PC Mag❤️.

Our Public Schools Must Be More Autism-Friendly – Here’s Where to Start.


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